Friday, August 12, 2011

Seismologists "Excusing Tsunami" - claim

Leading seismologists have been accused of "Tsunami Apologism", after forwarding several varying theories of the origins of the disaster which killed tens of thousands in Japan in March 2011.

Politicians and commentators have been quick to denounce the theories as "sympathizing with earthquakes" and "excusing catastrophe".

"What these boffins don't seem to realise," wrote blogger ReActionNerys, "is that when they write these bleeding heart treatises on 'body wave magnitudes' and 'plate tectonics', they are giving succour to lawless forces of Nature that are merely intent on wanton destruction. They need to condemn a little more, and understand a little less."

"It's not about 'hypocentres' and 'isoseismal lines' , FFS!" argues @MyOPearce on Twitter, "It's about sheer mindless destruction!!! If scientists can't see that, there (sic.) part of the problem!!!"

Meanwhile, other observers have highlighted the contribution to the Earthquake's destructive power made by the ability of shock waves to freely propagate in the Earth's crust. This has led several leading politicians to call for a partial repeal of the Laws of Physics.

"No-one wants to restrict legitimate geophysical processes." said one minister yesterday, "But when the layer of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rock was first laid down, I'm sure it wasn't the intention to allow rogue seismic waves to use it as a medium with which to terrorize and kill."

"Of course, I totally condemn the scenes of devastation we all saw in Japan," said Irwin Allen, Professor of Seismological Science at Didcot University. "But we maintain that studying the underlying causes of earthquake activity can help us predict future disasters, and mollify their effects." His comments were derided by Daily Mail columnist Malady Fillets as "Music to the ears of evil geological faults everywhere."