Monday, September 03, 2012

The Sounds Of Silas

Interrupting my usual epoch-long silence with a modest announcement. My alter-ego, the nascent thespian Rob Stradling (looks like me but spelled with two silent Fs), will be appearing at Swansea Grand Theatre in September, in Francis Hardy's new adaptation of Silas Marner, by George Eliot.

This gig, for Fluellen Theatre Company, represents my bona fide professional acting debut, after three years of mucking about for Love. It's a leap of faith for Fluellen to take a chance on me, and I intend to work my testicles to cashews in order to justify it.

The play runs at The Arts Wing from September 18-20, with a matinee on the 19th. If my appearance isn't enough to tempt you, there will be original music by the brilliant harpist Delyth Jenkins, fresh from her Voice on the Path tour. Delyth's compositions are already providing a soothing and inspirational backdrop to rehearsals, and the results are sure to be a treat in themselves.