Friday, September 08, 2006


Having finally managed to secure a secondhand SLR - okay, two (oops!) - from eBay, imagine my gleeful glee when Van Guy pitched up with the goodies half an hour before I was due to leave for London, to see Guez and such wags.

So, I got a Canon EOS 600 and an EOS 1000F , with one 28-80mm autofocus zoom lens to share between them. I decided to pack the latter, it being the notionally simpler of the pair. With no instructions or other such sensible silliness, I proceeded to flick its dear little shutter at all and sundry in the Imperial Metropolis, including some very drunk people - so, sorry about that. Three films of differing types went clickety-click, but of course the drawback of ye olde filmme is that I can't put any here yet. Bah.

So, have this one instead. It's this guy , whose fame of course preceded him. At least he gets to sit down all day, which is currently an issue with my poor tootsies. I'm running out of parts of my body to be friends with.

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