Sunday, April 23, 2006

Random Acts of Violins

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We certainly get a better class of busker on the streets of Cardiff of late. We are encouraged, naturally, to think of them as "street theatre", a distinction which many of them are actually coming to deserve.

Okay, the sliver-painted guy who's given up being a statue and started crooning with a Casio would be a bad example, but take the chap in our picture; now that's what I call a string virtuoso! So impressed was I, that I actually parted with a golden sovereign, as much as recompense for his patience in front of my lens, as for his acrobato-fiddular prowess, which was considerable.

More of this, and things like it, say I!

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Rob said...

That would be Kwabana Lindsay, a very talented fellow who has worked with NoFit State circus on a few occasions. I saw him do a slackrope routine once while drunk as a skunk. It ended in tears -- but he came back and did it again sober the next night despite all the bruises. :o)