Tuesday, September 04, 2007

They Came And Hiatus

Argh, a blank month... it's like the bad old days!

My head is still spinning with working out exactly which of my 2.0 appendages should fold into which others (e.g. should my TWITTERings appear here, or my BLOGGERation be entwittered? Wither Facebookage? Just how much Flickr?). So, yeah, I've been distracted.

Not that anything's happening, of course. I did finally get off my gluteus and register robstradling.com, which currently just points here. And today I should get my hands on a decent tripod to start mucking about with. I'll be a regular on Vision On and Screen Test before you know it.

Eh? Really? Ah well, Flickr will have to do for now, then...

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